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Original @realSethRogen Twit Identified


Staten Island, NY (TMT) –  It’s drizzling in the early morning hours of March 28.  People in this neighborhood are sleeping off the revelry of Friday night, having been out partying the night before.

But not “Seth Rogen”.  He stayed home last night and played games with a collective 25,000 Twitter users as he continued the weeks-long charade of impersonating Television and Movie actor Seth Rogen via Twitter.

It all started like most internet impersonation stories – somebody posing as somebody rather famous for kicks, but if you dig a little deeper, their downfall was a lack of understanding how Twitter works behind the scenes, and good old-fashioned self promotion for their own business.

Before we get into details, consider for a moment:

If you’re new to this saga, you may need a refresher course.  Go ahead and read, we’ll wait.

The suspect accounts (currently @Seth_Rogen and @MrYouLookLike) both use iPhone apps.   Does Rogen even own an iPhone?

The suspect accounts have both cross-posted and intermingled with one or two other specific Twitter accounts.  Repeatedly.  And while these accounts delete SOME tweets, they seem to only delete Tweets they realize will point to their true origin.

For our more visually oriented friends, here’s a chart:

The Plot Thickens....

The Plot Thickens....

Of course, if you simply follow the antics of the “new” @Seth_Rogen account, you’d be able to spot it being fake immediately.  For example, right now Seth Rogen has one of the, if not the #1 movie in the country this weekend.  He has a SNL appearance in a week.  Is he REALLY this worried?


Now, please:  STOP AND THINK

Would a Hollywood Star with SO much going on right now be this pressed over this Twitter foolishness?

Answer: Of course not.

In reading the many messages still being received at the original @realSethRogen , it’s apparent that many of you WANT it to be Seth Rogen, but folks, it’s not him.  If you ever needed ANY more proof, check out this last post:


Therefore, it’s our logical deduction that this entire charade was conceived in order to promote the Selfless Murder clothing line.  Frankly, with those last tweets, he told on himself.

I’m not about to “out” someone like that with their ‘Government Name” (that’s Mobius‘ term, not mine) online, but it would not take a rocket scientist to find out who’s behind it all.  The final reveal?  Like I said, it’s NOT rocket science:


Conclusive? No.  Convincing?  I think so.  IP logs from Twitter will surely bear the truth if anybody needs to get THAT far with it….I hear they keep good records.  Could I be wrong?  It’s happened before, sure.  But I think with the latest tweets from the ‘Official’ account, it’s become pretty doggone obvious.

So…let’s review what we’ve learned:

A.  The actor and star of movies like Pineapple Express and Observe and Report, Seth Rogen, is NOT on Twitter. It doesn’t matter how much you WANT the real SR to be on Twitter, the accounts mentioned here have absolutely NO connection with him whatsoever.  Sorry to disappoint the thousands of fans who thought, or (quite creepily at times) wanted it to be the real thing.

B.  The vast majority of ‘Seth Rogen’ accounts on Twitter (as of today) are likely linked to one source.…some guy trying to promote a small clothing line, the designs of which would typically appeal to fans of Seth Rogen.

I’m not saying it was a bad idea, but it’s complete bullshit to make money from the sweat of someone else’s brow or off of their notoriety.  I don’t know where YOU live, but where I live, that’s considered using somebody else’s fame for profit.  Mr. Rogen has his face, his talent, and his name to sell, and frankly once you try to attach THAT fame to YOUR business, you’re stealing from him.

It’s also pretty damn cruel to pretend you’re someone who is adored by so many people.  Unrealistic as THEIR expectations may have been, you’ve disappointed many, many people on Twitter.  They took at good faith that you were who you professed to be, and now the excitement of reaching out to a celebrity has been tarnished for them.

That said, it was definitely an interesting idea to try out, and I suspect we’ll now be overrun with similar accounts for others to promote their products.  Hey, any publicity is good publicity, right?

Given the economy, I wish the original hoaxter well.  I hope he sells a lot of shirts and other stuff.  I’m actually headed to Spencer’s today to pick one out to memorialize the occasion!

P.S.  It’s my understanding that in California, where Mr. Rogen lives, that’s actionable when it’s conducted as blatantly as this has been.  All those extra sales might help out with the hefty legal fees if you’ve been up to no good.  LoL

C.  The original story of Seth Rogen not being on Twitter was broken by @amcnews – Jacob did a splendid job of getting right to the source (Seth himself) and letting us know that Rogen is not on Twitter.  If you watch the video and see his reaction, it’s obvious he thinks the whole concept is at least mildly lame.

With nonsense like THIS cluttering up what can be very useful tool, I’m beginning to think that might just be the case.

Mild lameness.

Until next time, kiddies,

(@realSethRogen 3/26 – Present, and still NOT Seth Rogen)

Editor’s Note:  Tweets, emails and a phone call to the original hoaxter were not immediately returned.  We tried.


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  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

    Comment by matt | March 29, 2009 | Reply

  2. […] happened to the @realSethRogen Twitter feed? Updated here […]

    Pingback by Breaking News - Franco Still Dead, Rogen Not Tweeting « Lloyd’s Rants | March 29, 2009 | Reply

  3. Nice work It”s a shame people like this are screwing up Twitter for everyone!

    Comment by Albus | March 29, 2009 | Reply

    • Screwing it up for some, making it even more interesting for others. This is what happens when you’re pioneering technology sometimes – getting the kinks out of the system….and the morons.

      Comment by Lloyd Henried | March 30, 2009 | Reply

  4. You missed the whole interlude where this person was pretending to be Michael Cera who had supposedly hacked Seth’s account. This was before the Mrsilver nonsense began.

    Stupid bullshit.

    Comment by Chriss | March 30, 2009 | Reply

    • Yeah that impersonation was pretty short-lived, and since the whole story had gotten lengthly I decided to leave it out.

      Thanks for mentioning it though, just goes to show you the lengths this lady will go to in order to keep the charade going.

      Kinda like the lame retorts that came around earlier. Desperation is an interesting motivator I guess.

      Comment by Lloyd Henried | March 30, 2009 | Reply

  5. I saw Dom Delouise in a doorway once. He wore a tweed coat.

    Comment by caffinatedblur | April 8, 2009 | Reply


    -J Murder

    Comment by jmurder | April 9, 2009 | Reply

    • Hey man! No harm, no foul. Definitely Twitter history. LOL

      Comment by Mobius | April 9, 2009 | Reply

  7. haha its all good man. i feel you deserve a shirt for this.

    Comment by jmurder | April 9, 2009 | Reply

    • Dunno, man. Not sure that would be prudent, especially since you’re continuing the charade @Seth_Rogen. You might end up with the kind of publicity you don’t want from whoever actually *owns* SR, ya know?

      Comment by Lloyd Henried | April 10, 2009 | Reply

  8. Yeah, I figured out it was a fake weeks ago. You should let me write a guest post about how I blew the lid off of the Ben Stiller fake twitter. I’m rather proud about that. You should also now try to expose the obviously fake Paul Rudd account.

    Comment by Reubnick | April 12, 2009 | Reply

    • All yours – have at it.

      I think I set it up correctly.

      We’re still not done with @Seth_Rogen just yet. Couple more things in store for that.

      Comment by Lloyd Henried | April 12, 2009 | Reply

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