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Supreme Court Denies Obama Birth Certificate Lawsuit

Following the recent denial by the U.S. Supreme Court in the Obama Birth Certificate lawsuit, the President-Elect can now invite his extended family to next month’s Inauguration.

Anyone know how to get to Pennsylvania Avenue?

Anyone know how to get to Pennsylvania Avenue?


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Modern Medicine

Two weeks ago, someone we know was admitted to the Hospital with a Blood Pressure of 286/154.  At that rate, you’re 50x more likely to have a stroke than the average schmoe.

That’s enough to blow your cork, slasher movie style.

After one week, medicines and diet change do very little.  Still High 170’s/low 100’s.

Enter Dr. Mary Ju Wanna, who added a very small herbal Rx to the mix.  That, and complete drama avoidance has resulted in, well, see for yourself.

286/154 one week prior.

Starting BP: 286/154 one week prior.

Guess that settles THAT question.  It’s 2008.  Well past time we get over this.

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Fuck change. I don’t like it.

Did you know that after SIXTY fucking years, some douchenozzle tried re-naming The Man In The Yellow Hat to “Ted”? WTF? Fuck that.

Some shit you just cannot, should not change. “Ted”. My ass.

That’s like when it went from Larry, Curly and Moe to Larry, Shemp and Moe.

Fuck a Shemp. Shemp wasn’t funny. Curly was funny. Nobody liked Shemp.

Fuck that.

Fuck Ted, too.

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Truther Drama Queens

So….I’m over at Mob’s last night watching the Emmy Awards – being the fine connoisseur of porn that I am, one of my favorite things to actually watch on TV is the Hollywood Community as they jerk each other off.

As we’re watching these censored, overpaid d-bags congratulate each other on everything from Best Costumes (i.e. pick out a fucking shirt and put it on) to Best Reality Anything (an oxymoron amongst oxymorons if I’ve EVER heard one!), Mobius sat around on the laptop checking his 75 email accounts and updating his political pages, when I looked over his shoulder at one of his MySpace pages. Continue reading

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I Think I’ve Become Kindled

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So…….on Wednesday I welcomed home a much-anticipated bundle of joy.

If you think I’m talking about a new baby, WELCOME! First time Lloyd reader. Continue reading

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