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Breaking News – Franco Still Dead, Rogen Not Tweeting


It’s true.  I hate to disappoint millions of you, but Generalissimo Francisco Franco is STILL dead.

Now, on to disappoint a couple thousand others…….

There’s been a lot of flutter online the last two days about the shenanigans going on with the @realSethRogen Twitter ID.  Hopefully this FAQ will clear things up for everyone.

Update 3/28/2009: @Seth_Rogen is the latest Seth Rogen fake Twitter account – he’s also not real, but it SURE shows us all how gullible folks can be.  Same guy as from before, and we actually have a pretty good idea who’s behind it.  Hint:  It’s not Seth Rogen.

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Fuck change. I don’t like it.

Did you know that after SIXTY fucking years, some douchenozzle tried re-naming The Man In The Yellow Hat to “Ted”? WTF? Fuck that.

Some shit you just cannot, should not change. “Ted”. My ass.

That’s like when it went from Larry, Curly and Moe to Larry, Shemp and Moe.

Fuck a Shemp. Shemp wasn’t funny. Curly was funny. Nobody liked Shemp.

Fuck that.

Fuck Ted, too.

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